Fated Diary




Assigned the job of curating a new album for an existing musical artist, and designing the accompanying packaging and digital cover using analog techniques. With Nick Rattigan, a.k.a Current Joys as the muse, I took 12 tracks from his previous albums and re-organized them to form a narrative depicting the tragic cycle of a human life, from childhood to death. (Second Year, Fall 2021)


In order to complete the key imagery for Fated Diary, being the flower life cycle, I wanted to explore options besides typical photographic or scanned in images. One technique that I used to love when I was younger and always wanted to try within the context of a project was cyanotype printing. Cyanotype, known for its iconic blue color in contrast with the negative object silhouettes, is a chemical process that uses UV rays to create paper prints. In arranging blooming flowers in the front CD cover to emphasize birth and growth, and then printing decaying flowers onto the back cover representing the end of the life cycle narrative, I utilized cyanotype and additional photo manipulation to achieve the visual storytelling seen in this album packaging. ★ @jguinndesign ★ ★ @jguinndesign ★ ★ @jguinndesign ★ ★ @jguinndesign ★ ★ @jguinndesign ★ ★ @jguinndesign ★