Assigned to design a digital experience and supplemental ephemera that will produce healthier behavior from its users. Within those parameters, my partner and I came up with MINIMATE, a multi-device application that allows its users to track their physical and mental wellbeing through a pocket sized, digital simulation of their real world behavioral habits. Between a mobile app that allows users to customize their MINIMATE and track data, and a pocket device that offers minigames to input a daily routine, users will be encouraged to take care of themselves in game, and IRL. (Partnered with Peyton Harris, Third Year, 2022)


MINIMATE started with a very simple question, “how can we help people?” Specifically, how can we help people build healthy behavior habits? The next logical step in our journey after getting stuck with this question was to research our potential user base to gauge a better understanding of their wants and needs. This led to us surveying people aged 16-24 about their experiences with their mental and physical health. From these answers, we better understand our goal was to aid people in their struggles to keep up with their general well-being. The solution? Gamifying a digital experience that would encourage users to solve their problems on their own and take responsibility for their health into their own hands... literally. Based on that data, and further research into the topic and possible competitors, we began developing MINIMATE, beginning with a user journey that would illustrate a possible user’s reasoning for finding and using the app.


MINIMATE’s development began with translating our research and ideation into actual information architecture. After the general functionality of the application system was created, user flows for the mobile app and device were seperately generated. These were designed so that my partner and I would have a smooth transition into establishing the initial wireframes for the application’s multiple interfaces. This ultimately resulted in both LoFi and HiFi wireframes that utilized the design assets consistent throuhout the brand, and prototyped to exhibit the user flow in actual execution.


Most of MINIMATE’S additional design ephemera serves a marketing purpose, that is that they are all usable promotional material. Starting with the product design itself, the pocket device was 3D modeled and printed to get the custom shape and controls accurate the the actions and navigation in the prototype. The packaging for the device was then established within the MINIMATE brand, using the established color scheme, logo, and assets. This branding continued with a series of animated posters, showcasing all of the elements of the game system, as well as the many slogans of the brand. ★ @jguinndesign ★ ★ @jguinndesign ★ ★ @jguinndesign ★ ★ @jguinndesign ★ ★ @jguinndesign ★ ★ @jguinndesign ★