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STRIPPED is a sexual and intimacy wellness brand focusing on sustainable efforts with a taboo twist. A unique perspective on the topic, highlighting the inherit gritty nature vs the boring sanitized image that many other similar industry competitors take on. Beginning with the print publication of STRIPPED Magazine, then growing with a product line called No-Guilty Pleasure Kit, the brand has a well-rounded, raunchy repertoire. (2022-2023)


In a world that is facing an ever looming climate crisis, it is tempting to only look into the broader issues at hand like stopping global warming and reversing ecosystem destruction. However, trying to tackle these enormous subjects as individuals can lead to intense doomism and burnout. Therefore, I believe it is also important to explore the smaller subjects that are more easily approachable as individuals, one being how we can practice sustainability in our sex lives. In exploring that topic in STRIPPED, I touch on concerns such as poor sex education, reusable menstrual products, the environmentally friendly intimate items.


With the above concept in mind, as a means of addressing what might be considered “socially taboo” subject matters, I thought why not double down on that mood with the visual theme as well? This sentiment, along with my genuine infatuation with the genre, led me to include motifs of urban grunge, and specifically references to 90s underground zines into STRIPPED. In searching through a collection of archived graphic design magazines such as Graphis and Novum, I was lucky enough to find what I was looking for in vintage street posters and video game advertisements interestingly enough. After this research, I finalized my creative vision and decided on a consistent use of textures like half-tone dots, spray paint, and rough paper edges throughout the spreads.
Tearable Condom Packaging
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