VALLEY Magazine


Creative Direction and Editorial Design


VALLEY Magazine is Penn State’s premier life and style magazine. For the past two years, I have served as Design and Creative Director where I produced and executed the visual concepts, managed a small team, and designed the layout/typography as well as edited all photos in the magazine.


Elevated with an edge, boundry pushing topics and visuals, taking on the taboo through experimental design.


Working with my creative director, we put together mood boards for every photoshoot, making sure the concept of the articles was guiding our choices. After sharing the mood boards with fashion, casting, and the photography department, we started the search for models, clothing, and scheduled 25 separate photoshoots. From those photoshoots, along with the finished articles, myself and my design team worked to layout all of the content into the established grid composition, incportorating elements of analog and digital media to enhance the type and overall spreads. ★ @jguinndesign ★ ★ @jguinndesign ★ ★ @jguinndesign ★ ★ @jguinndesign ★ ★ @jguinndesign ★ ★ @jguinndesign ★