Young Royals


Campaign Sprint


Through an educational opportunity with a Junior Art Director at MOCEAN Studios, an agency that often works with streaming platforms such as Netflix, we were tasked with rebranding the advertising campaign for a Netflix original series, using only stock photos. For this sprint assignment, I decided to rework the visuals and art direction for the first Season of Young Royals, a Swedish teen drama about the budding romance between a crown prince and a scholarship student at their boarding school.(Third Year, Spring 2023)


To successfully capture the themes and plot of the series within the limit of single thumbnails, I first had to dissect the narrative to its most basic components. At its core, Young Royals is a show about the dichotomy between the wealthy and the not-so wealthy. Despite the strong romantic feelings between the two main characters, the biggest obstacle in the relationship, and the conflict of the entire storyline are their differing economic classes.

In order to emphasize this contrast, I decided on a suit of hearts card theme as this both plays into the role of royal romance present in the plot, but also the common mirrored nature of court card’s art could strongly visualize that previously mentioned dichotomy. Once the stock images of playing cards, along with stock models representing the characters were acquired, I manipulated the elements in photoshop until I achieved the desired vision and composition you see here. ★ @jguinndesign ★ ★ @jguinndesign ★ ★ @jguinndesign ★ ★ @jguinndesign ★ ★ @jguinndesign ★ ★ @jguinndesign ★